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Black Duck Code Sight is a source code search engine that brings transparency and easy access to an enterprise's vast and often distributed source code resources. Code Sight indexes code across an organization's source code repositories to enable fast search and navigation at enterprise scale. It improves developer productivity and software quality, supports standardization, and enhances compliance. Developers can find code quickly and leverage existing and approved components whether they are internally written, open source, or come from other external sources. Black Duck Code Sight is based on the proven scalable search technology behind; the industry's leading search engine for open source code, featuring billions of lines of code.

With your organization's code base at your fingertips, you can find code to re-use and easily assess the impact of a change. For example, find a bug once and fix it everywhere that it appears. Code Sight provides you with one place to access the numerous (and often heterogeneous) source control management systems that are distributed throughout your company or organization.

Black Duck Code Sight Features:

  • Fast, enterprise-wide code search of internal code with structured search results
  • Recognizes syntax of 32 programming languages
  • SmartSearchâ„¢ technology identifies reuse opportunities as you type
  • Search using plug-ins for popular IDE's or from a browser
  • Supports indexing of leading source control management systems
  • Proven scalability to billions of lines of code
  • GUI-based administration
  • ACL-based security
  • Extensive reporting and metrics

Management of Open Source Software


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